Business model

Eni’s business model targets long-term value creation for its stakeholders by delivering on profitability and growth, efficiency and operational excellence and handling operational risks of its businesses, as well as environmental conservation, and local communities relationships, preserving health and safety of people working in Eni and with Eni, in respect of human rights, ethics and transparency.

The main capitals used by Eni (financial capital, productive capital, intellectual capital, natural capital, human capital, social and relationship capital) are classified in accordance with the criteria included in the “International IR Framework” published by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC). Robust 2015 financial results and sustainability performance, notwithstanding a weak scenario for commodities prices, rely on the responsible and efficient use of our capitals.

Hereunder is articulated the map of the main capitals exploited by Eni and actions positively effecting on their quality and availability.

At the same time, the scheme evidences how the efficient use of capitals and related connections create value for the company and its stakeholders.

For detailed information on results associated to each capital and to the way by which each strategic target is achieved see this Integrated Annual Report and the Integrated Performance tables.

Business model (graphic)Business model (graphic) Business model (graphic)Business model (graphic)