operating review

performance in 2015

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Exploration & Production

Discovered resources
1.4 billion boe

of discovered resources at cost of less than one $/boe

Organic reserves replacement ratio
Adjusted operating profit (€ million)
E&P – Adjusted operating profit (bar chart)E&P – Adjusted operating profit (bar chart)
Opex per boe ($/boe)
E&P – Opex per boe (bar chart)E&P – Opex per boe (bar chart)
CO2eq emissions/operated production (tons C02eq/kboe)
E&P – CO2eq emissions/operated production (bar chart)E&P – CO2eq emissions/operated production (bar chart)
Hydrocarbons production

the highest increase rate since 2001

Relevant start-ups

in 2015

Hydrocarbons production (kboe/d)
E&P – Hydrocarbons production (bar chart)E&P – Hydrocarbons production (bar chart)
Injury frequency rate (No. of accidents per million worked hours)
E&P – Injury frequency rate (bar chart)E&P – Injury frequency rate (bar chart)
Proved hydrocarbons reserves (mmboe)
E&P – Proved hydrocarbons reserves (bar chart)E&P – Proved hydrocarbons reserves (bar chart)
Opex decrease

opex decrease due to efficiency improvements

Development expenditure
€9.3 billion

of development expenditure (-12% net of exchange rate effects)

Exploration discoveries

Gas & Power

Adjusted operating profit

Close to


in line with expectations

Supply portfolio

Ongoing the

full alignment

of supply portfolio to market conditions

Adjusted operating profit (€ million)
G&P – Adjusted operating profit (bar chart)G&P – Adjusted operating profit (bar chart)
Injury frequency rate (No. of accidents per million of worked hours)
G&P – Injury frequency rate (bar chart)G&P – Injury frequency rate (bar chart)
Worldwide gas sales (bcm)
G&P – Worldwide gas sales (bar chart)G&P – Worldwide gas sales (bar chart)
Customer satisfaction score


10 million

customers including households, professionals, small and medium-sized enterprises and public bodies in Italy and in the Rest of Europe

Customers in Italy (million)
G&P – Customers in Italy (bar chart)G&P – Customers in Italy (bar chart)
LNG sales (bcm)
G&P – LNG sales (bar chart)G&P – LNG sales (bar chart)
Water withdrawals (cm/KWeq)
G&P – Water withdrawals (bar chart)G&P – Water withdrawals (bar chart)
Gas sales in Italy
Electricity sold
34.88 Twh

Refining & Marketing

Break-even refining margin


Adjusted operating profit

adjusted operating profit anticipating strategic plan

Adjusted operating profit (€ million)
R&M – Adjusted operating profit (bar chart)R&M – Adjusted operating profit (bar chart)
Injury frequency rate (No. of accidents per million of worked hours)
R&M – Injury frequency rate (bar chart)R&M – Injury frequency rate (bar chart)
Refinery throughputs on own account (mmtonnes)
R&M – Refinery throughputs on own account (bar chart)R&M – Refinery throughputs on own account (bar chart)
Green productions
Market share in Italy
Direct GHG emissions (mmtonnes CO2eq)
R&M – Direct GHG emissions (bar chart)R&M – Direct GHG emissions (bar chart)
Retail sales of refined products in Europe (mmtonnes)
R&M – Retail sales of refined products in Europe (bar chart)R&M – Retail sales of refined products in Europe (bar chart)
Customer satisfaction index (likert scale)
R&M – Customer satisfaction index (bar chart)R&M – Customer satisfaction index (bar chart)
Refinery utilization rate

vs 2014

Valorization of
EST technology

through licensing agreement

Discontinued operations

Saipem disposal

On January 22, 2016, there was the closing of the agreements signed on October 27, 2015 with Fondo Strategico Italiano (FSI). Those include the sale of the 12.503% stakeof the share capital of Saipem to FSI and the concurrent entrance into force of the shareholder agreement with Eni, which was intended to establish joint control over the former Eni’s subsidiary.

Versalis disposal

Negotiations are underway to define an agreement with an industrial partner who, by acquiring a controlling stake of Versalis SpA, would support Eni in implementing the industrial plan designed to upgrade this business.

Disposal plan