Exploration & Production

Discovered resources
1.4 billion boe

of discovered resources at cost of less than one $/boe

Organic reserves replacement ratio
Adjusted operating profit (€ million)
E&P – Adjusted operating profit (bar chart)E&P – Adjusted operating profit (bar chart)
Opex per boe ($/boe)
E&P – Opex per boe (bar chart)E&P – Opex per boe (bar chart)
CO2eq emissions/operated production (tons C02eq/kboe)
E&P – CO2eq emissions/operated production (bar chart)E&P – CO2eq emissions/operated production (bar chart)
Hydrocarbons production

the highest increase rate since 2001

Relevant start-ups

in 2015

Hydrocarbons production (kboe/d)
E&P – Hydrocarbons production (bar chart)E&P – Hydrocarbons production (bar chart)
Injury frequency rate (No. of accidents per million worked hours)
E&P – Injury frequency rate (bar chart)E&P – Injury frequency rate (bar chart)
Proved hydrocarbons reserves (mmboe)
E&P – Proved hydrocarbons reserves (bar chart)E&P – Proved hydrocarbons reserves (bar chart)
Opex decrease

opex decrease due to efficiency improvements

Development expenditure
€9.3 billion

of development expenditure (-12% net of exchange rate effects)

Exploration discoveries