Exploration & Production

1.1 billion boe
of discovered resources

continuing strong exploration
track record


opex decrease due
to efficiency improvements

Adjusted operating profit
(€ million)
E&P – Adjusted operating profit (bar chart)
Opex per boe
E&P – Opex per boe (bar chart)
CO2eq emissions/operated
(tons C02eq/toe)
E&P – CO2eq emissions/operated production (bar chart)

organic reserves replacement ratio of

sale of 40%
in Zohr

Our dual exploration
model proved to be successful

Hydrocarbons production
E&P – Hydrocarbons production (bar chart)
Total recordable injury rate (TRIR)
(Total recordable injuries per mln worked hours)
E&P – Total recordable injury rate (TRIR) (bar chart)
Proved hydrocarbons reserves
E&P – Proved hydrocarbons reserves (bar chart)

improving upstream
GHG emissions, exceeding the target

Improved prospects of

organic production growth

notwithstanding a 17%
capex reduction vs 2015

How we reach a record

Seven special projects with one thing in common: extremely rapid approval and production start-up times. The secret is the simultaneous development preparation analysis, from the earliest stages of the exploration campaign, using key technology tool, essential for the management of uncertainty.