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The first business meetings were made available on the corporate intranet, and staff meetings in the units were given priority for all subsequent meetings.

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During 2013 the MyEni intranet was reconfirmed as the main tool for entry into the world of Eni, communication, and support for daily activities. The Italian version is visible to 25,088 persons, whereas the international version (MyEni International) is today reachable by every associate connected to the Eni telecommunications network and is the home page in 43 associate companies, open to a total of approximately 8,100 persons.

The Cascade programme, targeted at all Eni people with the aim of communicating the company’s strategies by business area, was run for the seventh time in 2013. This year the formula was revamped with the aim of making the programme more interactive and timely. The intranet was used to make the first business meetings available and staff meetings in the units were prioritized for all subsequent meetings. The level of general satisfaction with the initiative was high and in line with the 2012 level. In addition to Italy, the Cascade has involved 43 Countries.

Also in 2013, Eni’s commitment continued in the form of its proposal to introduce a qualitatively and quantitatively attractive corporate welfare model, as an incentive for the engagement of Eni’s people. The priority areas for the initiative were confirmed, linked to the themes of “Health Promotion”, “Work-Life Balance” and “Time & money saving”.

In 2013, investment in “Health Promotion” was especially significant with the launch of the new project “Prevent with Eni” and the development of the “Early Detection Plan”, which is aimed at expanding the cancer screening plan with the inclusion of more medical services. The goal is to offer a package, with check-ups and more in-depth and comprehensive tests every two years to support secondary prevention. The project was started in November at three pilot sites (Ravenna, Brindisi and Genoa) with a potential pool of 1,000 people. Since the start date, about 90 people have joined the initiative. In 2014 the project will be expanded into several other venues, involving potentially about 3,300 of Eni’s people in Italy.

As part of Work-Life Balance, organized activities continued with the aim of supporting Eni’s people with childcare; the initiatives, which in 2013 involved more than 2,600 children and teenagers in total, included the organization of summer holidays, themed trips, summer campuses in the city and the Eni crèche and Infants’ school. In line with Eni’s commitment to promoting initiatives to support young people and their personal and professional training, a new initiative was launched in 2013 aimed at the children of Eni’s people aged between 16 and 18 years. This initiative, formed in collaboration with the Fondazione Intercultura (a non-profit partner of the most important worldwide intercultural exchange organizations) allowed 10 study trips abroad to be provided, enabling children to live and study in another Country for a whole academic year and enjoy a unique experience, learning a foreign language, sharing different cultures and customs, but above all developing a multicultural perspective.

In the field of “Time & Money Saving”, to support people’s spending power in this particularly difficult economic period, the existing agreements have been revamped (for travel, leisure, cars, clothing, healthcare, etc.) and new ones have been started, including e-commerce agreements for some of the categories of goods most commonly purchased by households.

Moreover in 2013, in Italy and abroad, all the activities that aim to promote a strong connection between Eni’s people and the company went ahead (seniority awards, support to associations for employees and former employees, contributions for after-work facilities) as well as local-level initiatives involving Eni people (anniversaries, holidays and sporting events). As part of this, 1,726 persons in Eni were involved in the “Snow Trophy”, organized in Folgaria, with a total of 27 participating companies, including 9 foreign companies. The initiative, the proceeds of which went to support the Smile Train Italia non-profit organization, provided an opportunity for colleagues working in different geographical and organizational areas to meet and share their experience.