Integrity and transparency are the principles that have inspired Eni in designing its corporate governance system1, a key pillar of the Company’s business model. The governance system, flanking our business strategy, is intended to support the relationship of trust between Eni and its stakeholders and to help achieve our business goals, creating sustainable value for the long term.

Eni is committed to building a corporate governance system founded on excellence in our open dialogue with the market and all our stakeholders.

Ongoing, transparent communication with stakeholders is an essential tool for understanding their needs. It is part of our efforts to ensure the effective exercise of shareholder rights. With this in mind, between 2013 and 2014, Eni’s Chairman held a cycle of meetings with institutional investors and leading proxy advisors in Europe and the United States to foster a comprehensive understanding of the Company’s governance system, including in relation to the various regulatory systems.

(1) For more detailed information on the Eni corporate governance system, please see the Report on corporate governance and ownership structure, which is published on the Company’s website in the Governance section.

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