Australia and Oceania


Eni has been present in Australia since 2001. In 2013, Eni’s production of oil and natural gas amounted to 30 kboe/d. Activities are focused on conventional and deep offshore fields over a developed and undeveloped area of 23,576 square kilometers (13,622 square kilometers net to Eni).

The main production blocks in which Eni holds interests are WA-33-L (Eni’s interest 100%), JPDA 03-13 (Eni’s interest 10.99%) and JPDA 06-105 (Eni operator with a 40% interest).

In the appraisal and development phase Eni holds interests in NT/P68 (Eni’s interest 50%) and NT/P48 (Eni’s interest 32.5%). In October 2013, exploration activity yielded positive results, with the Evans Shoal North-1 appraisal well, in the NT/P48 permit. The total potential of the Evans Shoal discovery is estimated at 8 tcf of raw gas in place.

In addition, Eni holds interest in 7 exploration licenses, of which 1 in the JPDA.

Exploration and production activities in Australia are regulated by concession agreements, whereas in the cooperation zone between Timor Leste and Australia (Joint Petroleum Development Area - JPDA) they are regulated by PSAs.

Block JPDA 03-13

Production The liquids and gas Bayu Undan field started-up in 2004 and produced 173 kboe/d (approximately 13 kboe/d net to Eni) in 2013. Liquid production is supported by 3 treatment platforms and an FSO unit. Production of natural gas is mostly carried by a 500-kilometer long pipeline and is treated at the Darwin liquefaction plant which has a capacity of 3.6 mmtonnes/y of LNG (equivalent to approximately 177 bcf/y of feed gas). LNG is sold to Japanese power generation companies under long-term contracts.

Development The Development Phase 3 is currently underway, aiming at increasing of liquid production and supporting of LNG production.

Block JPDA 06-105

Production The Kitan oil field (Eni operator with a 40% interest) started-up in 2011 and amounted to 16 kbbl/d in 2013 (approximately 5 kbbl/d net to Eni). Production is supported by 3 sub-sea wells and operated by an FPSO unit for the oil treatment.

Development The second development phase of Kitan field was started-up. This phase includes the drilling and completion of the new development well in the eastern part of the field and the linkage to the existent FPSO.

Block WA-33-L

Production The Blacktip gas field (Eni’s interest 100%) started-up in 2009 and produced approximately 23 bcf/y in 2013. The project is supported by a production platform and carried by a 108-kilometer long pipeline to an onshore treatment plant with a capacity of 42 bcf/y. Natural gas extracted from this field is sold under a 25-year contract to supply a power plant, signed with Australian society Power & Water Utility Co.