Enlarge image Activity areas – Adriatic and Ionian Sea (map)

Eni has been operating in Italy since 1926. In 2013, Eni’s oil and gas production amounted to 186 kboe/d. Eni’s activities in Italy are deployed in the Adriatic and Ionian Sea, the Central Southern Apennines, mainland and offshore Sicily and the Po Valley, on a total developed and undeveloped acreage of 21,478 square kilometers (17,282 net to Eni).

Eni’s exploration and development activities in Italy are regulated by concession contracts (67 operated onshore and 72 operated offshore).

Adriatic and Ionian Sea

Production Fields in the Adriatic and Ionian Sea accounted for 49% of Eni’s domestic production in 2013, mainly gas. Main operated fields are Barbara, Annamaria, Angela-Angelina, Porto Garibaldi, Cervia, Bonaccia, Luna and Hera Lacinia. Production is operated by means of 73 fixed platforms (3 of these are manned) installed on the main fields, to which satellite fields are linked by underwater infrastructures. Production is carried by sealine to the mainland where it is input in the national gas network. The system is subject continuously to rigorous safety control, maintenance activities and production optimization, in particular at the Annamaria, Armida, Angela- Angelina, Cervia and Emilio fields.

Development Main development activities concerned: (i) upgrading of hydrocarbon compression treatment facilities at the production platform of the Barbara field; and (ii) the start-up of development projects for the Elettra and Fauzia fields.

Exploration Exploration activities concerned areas nearby producing fields with identification of possible near field opportunities. Moreover, in 2013 Eni presented to the relevant Authorities the acquisition of an exploration license which is located nearby Eni’s producing fields.

Central Southern Apennines

Enlarge image Activity areas – Central Southern Apennines (map) Production Eni is the operator of the Val d’Agri concession (Eni’s interest 60.77%) in the Basilicata Region, resulting from the unitization of the Volturino and Grumento Nova concessions made in the end of 2005. Production from the Monte Alpi, Monte Enoc and Cerro Falcone fields is fed by 29 production wells and is treated by the Viggiano oil center. In 2013, the Val d’Agri concession accounted for 34% of Eni’s production in Italy.

Development In the Val d’Agri concession the development plan is ongoing as agreed with the Basilicata Region in 1998: (i) the construction of a new gas treatment unit progressed, aiming at improving the environmental performance of the treatment unit and achieving a production capacity of 104 kbbl/d; (ii) start-up of Alli 2 producing well; (iii) the Environmental Monitoring Plan is underway, which is a project of absolute excellence in environmental protection. Moreover, Eni defines the measures of environmental protection, through the Biodiversity Action Plan in Val d’Agri, started-up in 2008 and aimed at mitigation of localized effects linked to the operating activities; (iv) continuing improvement and maintenance activities progressed to optimize environmental and production performance of the field.

Exploration Eni is currently performing activities to assess the residual mineral potential in the area.


Enlarge image Activity areas – Sicily (map) Production Eni is the operator of 12 production concessions onshore and 2 production concessions offshore in Sicily, which in 2013 accounted for approximately 10% of Eni’s production in Italy. The main fields are Gela, Ragusa, Tresauro, Giaurone, Fiumetto and Prezioso.

Development Maintenance and optimization activities are ongoing at productive wells of Gela, Ragusa and Tresauro fields.

Eni submitted to the relevant Authorities the necessary information of the environmental process to sanction the development plan of Argo and Cassiopea discoveries, in offshore Sicily. The plan was approved by the technical authorities.