Activities – Logistics

Eni is one of the major operators in storage and transport of petroleum products in Italy with its logistical integrated infrastructure which includes oil pipelines network, the system of 20 owned and directly managed storage sites and a network for the sale and storage of refined products, LPG and crudes. Eni’s logistics model is organized in a hub structure including five main areas. These hubs monitor and centralize the handling of product flows aiming to drive forward more efficiency, particularly in cost control of collection and delivery of orders. Eni holds interests in five societies established in partnership with the major Italian operators. These are located in Vado Ligure - Genova (Petrolig), Arquata Scrivia (Sigemi), Venice (Petroven), Ravenna (Petra) and Trieste (DCT) with the objective of reducing logistic costs and increasing efficiency. In addition, Eni operates in the transport of oil and refined products: (i) by sea through spot and long-term lease contracts of tanker ships; and (ii) on land through the pipeline network, of which Eni owns approximately 1,462 kilometers. Secondary distribution to retail and wholesale markets is effected through third parties who also own their means of transportation.