Performance of the year

In 2013, the injury frequency rates decreased from 2012 (down by 71.4% for employees and 27.5% for contractors).

The declining trend of greenhouse gas, SOX and NOX emissions, due to lower throughputs during the year, benefited from energy saving measures and increase in use of natural gas to replace fuel oil.

Water consumption rate at the Eni’s refineries reduced by 26%. In the 2013, the Refining & Marketing Division reported sharply lower adjusted net loss amounting to €232 million (€179 million in 2012). This decrease reflected plunging refining margins driven by weak demand for refined products and overcapacity, the effects of which were exacerbated by shrinking price differentials between light and heavy crudes due to lower heavy crudes supplies in the Mediterranean area. The negative trading environment was partly counteracted by efficiency and optimization gains. Marketing results were affected by lower fuel demand and mounting competitive pressure.

In 2013 refining throughputs were 27.38 mmtonnes, down by 8.8% from 2012. In Italy, processed volumes decreased (down 9.4%) due to the planned shutdown of the Venice Refinery following the Green Refinery project and downsizing of all the remaining plants driven by a decline in refining margins. Outside Italy, Eni’s refining throughputs decreased by 5.9%, in particular in the Czech Republic.

Retail sales in Italy of 6.64 mmtonnes decreased by 15.2% from 2012. This decline was driven by the current economic downturn and increased competitive pressure. In 2013 Eni’s average retail market share was 27.5%, down by 3.7 percentage points from 2012 when sales volumes benefitted from the effect of a promotional campaign made during the summer weekends (“riparti con eni”).

Retail sales in the Rest of Europe of 3.05 mmtonnes were substantially unchanged from 2012 (up 0.3%) due to higher volumes marketed in Germany and Austria, almost completely offset by lower sales in the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Capital expenditure of €619 million related mainly to refining, supply and logistics (€444 million) aimed at improving flexibility and yields, in particular at the Sannazzaro Refinery, as well as marketing activities and streamlining of the retail distribution network of refined products (€175 million).

In 2013 total expenditure in R&D of the Refining & Marketing Division amounted to approximately €33 million, net of general and administrative costs. During the year 6 patent applications were filed.

Production cycle of refined products in 2013 (mmtonnes)
Enlarge image Production cycle of refined products in 2013 (graph)