eni for 2012Progress to 20132017 Objectives


Reduction of SO2eq emissions

Reduction by 44% compared to 2010

Reduction of 740t/year in the refining sector

Production water

Reinjection of up to 65% of production water in the E&P sector

Reinjection of 55% of production water

Reinjection of up to 70% of production water

Oil spills

Reduction of operational oil spills in the E&P sector from 3.3 to 2.4 boe per Mboe gross operating production

Goal achieved: 2.02 boe/Mboe produced

ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certifications

Extension of the ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certifications

More than 70% of subsidiaries certified

Coverage of 100% of sites with significant HSE risk by 2015


Gas flaring

Zero gas flaring

Reduction of gas flared by 65% compared to 20071

Reduction of gas flared by over 80% compared to 2007

Energy efficiency

Continuation of downstream energy saving projects

Saving of 229 ktoe/year compared to 2010

Saving of 400 ktoe/year compared to 2010

1In eni for 2012 the 2017 objective was zero gas flaring.

  eni for 2012Progress to 20132017 Objectives

Integrated Hinda Project

Development of an integrated project in Congo that envisages various types of intervention (access to drinking water, health, education, agriculture)

55% of the planned actions

100% of the planned actions and implementation of supplementary activities

Access to energy

Development of new electrification projects in Sub-Saharan Africa

Study in Mozambique on Shared Solar-Like mini-grid

Plan to develop projects focused on access to energy and creation of 1,000 new connections in Sub-Saharan Africa through innovative solutions

Continuation of the projects launched in Congo and Nigeria

Completion of the electricity distribution network in Pointe Noire and of the Kouakouala project in Congo to exploit natural gas. Completion of the electricity distribution project in the communities close to the Okpai power station in Nigeria

Sustainability management system

System for monitoring and assessing territorial investments

“Sustainability stakeholder engagement and community relations” MSG issued

At least 4 E&P subsidiaries certified in accordance with international standards


Green chemistry

Reconversion of the Porto Torres site – JV Matrìca

Launch of the plants envisaged in the first phase of the project

Sale of monomers and bio-lubricants amounting to around 30 kt/year

Improvement of products and processes in respect of the land and people

Launch of the project to produce rubber from Guayule

Start-up of a new pilot plant