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The overall share of procurement met by local markets has risen to 63%.

The presence of multinational enterprises, particularly in less industrialized Countries, can produce opportunities for learning, technological upgrading, specialization and increasing of efficiency of the entire social and economic local system.

eni creates opportunities for growth and development of people and business skills in the areas in which it operates, encouraging the transfer of knowledge and use of local professionals.

In 2013 the overall share of procurement requirements met by local markets reached 63%. In Africa, the amount procured locally grew from 54% to 60%. The share of procurement requirements met by local markets was above 50% in 39 out of 54 Countries in which eni operates. Some Countries reached more than 80%, including Nigeria (94%), Gabon (81%), Indonesia (92%), Vietnam (87%), Poland (94%), Venezuela (92%) and Ecuador (89%).

Procurement by geographical area
Procurement by geographical area (bar chart)
Procurement and suppliers used
Procurement and suppliers used (bar and line chart)