The project is based on three agreements:

  • the “Provveditorato Regionale dell’Amministrazione Penitenziaria della Lombardia” (Regional Prison Service - young detainees)
  • the “Istituto Martinitt” (young people from outside the EU)
  • the “Ufficio Pio della Compagnia di San Paolo” (ex detainees).

eni is aware that the great variety of contexts in which it operates and the diversity of its workforce are unique elements of its business which represent a rich resource that should be properly valued through an inclusive and non-discriminatory management approach.

In order to increase awareness of this aspect amongst its people, in 2013 eni, in collaboration with Eni Corporate University and the International Labour Organization, has developed an on-line course that provides more in-depth information on ILO Convention No. 111, the international regulation on discrimination in employment and occupation.

This initiative, developed as part of eni’s wider commitment to safeguarding human rights, is based on the conviction that increasing everyone’s awareness of the importance of equality and non-discrimination is a fundamental requirement for the creation of an inclusive environment that both values and promotes respect for diversity.

eni is aware that the diversity of its people is a resource to be valued by inclusive and non discriminatory management.

All over the world, eni’s people will be able to access the course, available on the company intranet in Italian, English, and Russian.

Furthermore in 2014 an on-line training course will be available with specific technical content for the HR department. Participation will be obligatory. The aim is to reinforce the necessary skills required to prevent discriminatory management practices and to support all eni’s people in this specific area.

In addition to diversity in terms of participation of people from other Countries, gender diversity is important for the company. Already included in the MDGs, gender equality and the role of women will probably be part of the Post-2015 Agenda.