Performance, feedback and 360° processes

Performance appraisal is one of the essential tools for the strategic management of resources. A means of communicating priorities and business objectives, it is a guide for the continuous improvement of results and managerial and professional skills. As part of the relationship between managers and employees, it aims to develop a focus on results, through an awareness of strengths and areas for improvement and provides a strong basis for the identification of the most appropriate management actions to be taken (for development, training, mobility, reward systems, etc. ...).

The objectives behind the definition of the new performance feedback process are:

  • the recovery management guidance
  • the collection of useful elements for people management
  • the enhancement of manager-employee communication through the integration of and performance feedback processes
  • the widespread adoption of the process at all foreign subsidiaries

The new proposed system foresees:

  • the anticipation of the assignment of targets (by February for executives) and, for managers, also of results
  • the introduction in the performance appraisal parameters of appreciation of managerial behaviour
  • a single form for the appreciation of managerial behaviour
  • the option to use a scale of targets to simplify the assignment phase

The new process foresees the involvement of the entire workforce, in Italy and abroad, including all executives, managers and young graduates.

In 2013 the design of the new performance feedback process was completed and meetings were begun to communicate the information necessary to implement the system.

360° feedback

360° feedback is a tool to facilitate the acquisition of greater self-awareness and therefore support the construction of self-development paths.

It is based on emotional intelligence and the eni model of excellence and uses a short questionnaire to identify perceptions, individual and of others (direct report, co-workers, colleagues, other corporate interlocutors).