With regard to the initiatives for young prisoners, through highly personalized training ("one person, one course") carried out ​​at the technical-professional training center of ECU in Cortemaggiore, the acquisition of specific skills was made possible and the groundwork for the inclusion of prisoners in complex production facilities, such as a petrochemical, was done. The subsequent work experience has helped the prisoners to change their lives (a new way of life, sometimes reconciliation with family, new friends, a home, love life recovery, ...). More generally, obtaining a job has allowed the prisoner to emancipate itself from the precarious work, often too close to the criminal labor market.

This is shown in the video "Storia di Giuseppe" in which Giuseppe and the people who supported him in his path to social reintegration they tell his story from the offense committed to the thoughts on the prison regime, from the period of training to the hiring and the improvement experience during the work period in the Versalis petrochemical plant, one of the companies of eni, in Mantua. Other two young prisoners before detained in the Prison of Cremona and now working in the same petrochemical plant, could tell this experience as Giuseppe has done.

The video "Il viaggio di Amran", instead, allows to understand the stories of non-EU young which started the path of professional training activated as a result of the agreement with the Institute Martinitt.