Using technology to respond to energy challenges

“Energy is a source of life and it permeates every moment of our daily existence, but it is technology that makes it possible to produce and transport primary energy sources and to transform them into electrical, mechanical and heat energy and into products of all types, factors which have always formed the basis of economic and social development from the first industrial revolution up to the present day.” Paolo Scaroni - eni’s CEO


million euro overall invested in technological research and development


people engaged in R&D activities in 2013


million euro in tangible value generated by R&D activities in 2013

eni places scientific research and technological innovation at the heart of its development strategy to ensure safe, economic and sustainable production and processing of energy sources (mainly hydrocarbons).

Having analysed the global scenario, the challenges to be overcome in the coming years and the consequent technological needs, eni has identified ten key technological platforms as priorities for future investment in the development of the business. These platforms involve core sectors (exploration, production, oil and gas transport, production of high-performance fuels with low environmental impact, integrated management of gas, electricity, and chemicals), renewable energy (solar energy and biomass) and environmentally sustainable operations together with increased energy efficiency.

The supervision and monitoring of the development of the key technological platforms and the emerging technologies is supported by eni’s strategic alliances and collaboration agreements with various top universities and research centres.

The fundamental principles underlying the partnerships and research agreements are:

  • long-term approach to the development of highly innovative R&D projects;
  • more efficient execution of projects by integrating in-house and outsource operations;
  • widening the technical and scientific skill base for eni’s R&D projects.
Table: Principal alliances and partnerships for technological innovation and research

Principal alliances and partnerships for technological innovation and research



Massachusetts Institute of Technology (logo)

The eni-MIT partnership covers two main areas, the “Solar Frontiers Center” and the MIT Energy Initiative (Mitei).
This strategic alliance was renewed in 2013. The new agreement, lasting 4 years and with an economic commitment by eni of almost 5 million dollars a year, is focused on the development of new technology for the core oil & gas business, the environment and new generation solar energy.



Stanford University (logo)

In February 2011, eni signed a new strategic alliance for research and innovation with Stanford University. The agreement establishes a research programme divided along two main lines:

  • new technology for hydrocarbon exploration and reservoir simulation;
  • innovative technology for site characterization and environmental protection.



Politecnici di Milano e Torino (logo)

Framework agreements for research and development as well as training have been in place for some time with the “Politecnico di Milano” and the “Politecnico di Torino”. Their main objective of the alliance is to stimulate the generation of breakthrough ideas for technological innovation in core business operations and to develop them into radical innovation projects and real technological breakthroughs. The company is also working with “Politecnico di Milano” to develop new engineering systems for solar power.



Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (logo)

eni has also developed a long-term working partnership with the Italian National Research Council (CNR) in the field of scientific and technological research, with projects covering the whole spectrum of eni’s business operations, from upstream and downstream, from renewable energy to the environment.