Professional models development

In 2013 a major project was launched for the management and development of professionalism that marked a strong restatement of the company’s concern for the development of the people at eni, with tools that, using a homogenous “reading” and elaboration of the characteristic “trades” of the business and integration with development methodologies and training initiatives, could help to protect, enhance, disseminate and develop the corporate know-how of our people. The project, which began with the updating of the methodology already used and a definition of the professional areas within eni and revised in accordance with the map of processes, will lead to a revision of professional models of reference for all professional and business areas. This will: a) ensure coverage of the professional needs of the businesses globally, establishing in advance the actions to be taken for strategic roles; b) facilitate management and professional development and control over critical know-how; c) promote synergies between divisions/companies also through business and inter-functional mobility.

By 2014, eni’s 35 professional areas will have developed or updated their models in a standard form; this will be done at different levels of detail depending on the size, complexity and strategic importance for the business goals of the professional roles involved. These models will provide the basis for the most effective, and in correspondence with business needs, implementation of recruitment and selection, management, development and training, as well as Knowledge Management initiatives and the development/strengthening of eni’s internal Faculty.

The highly transversal nature of the project is reflected in the commitment of the working groups, involving 90 people from HR, both central and divisional/departmental and companies, and all the owners of line processes, as well as the contacts and resources identified by them.