Rethink Energy

With the increasing interplay between those inside the company and the consumers outside it, eni sees innovation rather than the concept of energy itself as the key to communication.

If energy is a driver in the creation of value, eni proposes a new concept of energy, in which it is transformed and regenerated into new projects, culture and innovation.

In 2013 eni launched the “Rethink Energy” Campaign which is aimed at creating a new collective consciousness that sees everybody, company and consumers, as active players in the new energy culture.

“Energy is what it becomes” is the key message of the campaign, which means highlighting a firm commitment by the company to research, respect for the environment and the dissemination of a culture that uses energy with respect. Energy is a broad and abstract concept derived from a circular process of transformation and regeneration. In eni this translates into research into new sustainable energy sources, valuing and respecting resources and a culture of innovation.

All energy has a source, a distributor and a consumer. The word “consumer” until now has been taken to mean the end user: a passive role. With this campaign, eni wants to change this and demonstrate that everyone can play a role, not only as consumers, but as producers of new energy through informed usage and taking steps to restore energy “virtually” to its source.

The company plays an active role in this area and this campaign demonstrates its commitment.

Every individual energy-saving gesture, when added to those made by others, means that more energy is available to those without it, thereby contributing to foster development and wellbeing. This is how energy connects individuals to the world, the present to the future, and new ideas for open and sustainable energy. This is how energy connects.

The campaign connects the actions of the individual with those of eni, enabling the company for the first time to demonstrate that its commitment to energy goes beyond business, extending also to culture, sustainability, research and accessibility. Because energy is not just something that everybody knows about, it is in fact so much more. It is never on or off, but is always being transformed into new projects and new energy.