The pilot phase of the new process, referred to as “The Wind of Innovation”, was launched in 2013 and involved 120 people. Training and creativity workshops gave rise to over 30 new ideas, which were collected using the dedicated idea collection tool developed on Moka. Since January 2014 the idea generation process has been open to all of the ICT function allowing it to collect more than 50 ideas and involving more than 300 people.

In 2013 the pilot project Innovation Idea Management (IIM) was also developed in the exploration and production division. Based on a common platform for collaboration and networking, this aimed to increase innovation in the exploration and production sector by promoting the creativity of its people across the world.

The co-creation of ideas and the free participation of eni personnel regardless of their rank or geographical location were the strong points of this project, which will now be rolled out on a larger scale. The R&M Division has launched more than two hundred projects designed to generate and develop innovation in its business activities and procedures, some of which are already in the implementation phase.

An example of this innovative project is the “Link your Energy” initiative, involving more than 100 young people, the aim of which is to promote awareness of being part of a shared project able to generate creativity and new ideas. The project, in its “everywhere” version, has involved 60 professionals from all the Countries in which R&M operates and is focused on facilitating networking and creating opportunities to integrate and compare the strategy and projects of the Division.

In 2013 Versalis launched the project “Building the Future” dedicated to its young people and aimed at uniting the company strategy with the prospects, contribution and responsibilities of young people, involving them in the innovation challenge.

The first stage of the programme, “Walk the Talk”, included the organization of a communication day aimed at 160 young graduates. In the second stage of the programme, “Think Tank”, 83 young people took part in group activities to develop of innovative projects related to central themes for the four business units and green chemistry.