Furthermore eni has traditionally paid significant and constant attention to safety matters. The aim of the training is also to disseminate a culture of safety and safety values, promoting awareness of applicable laws and regulations, and ensuring the application of the correct measures and tools designed not only to reduce, but also to eliminate accidents and injuries. Training is ultimately a fundamental lever for developing the necessary knowledge to implement new business initiatives, particularly abroad. It also covers all the training activities that support the internationalization processes.

In 2013 a huge commitment was undertaken with regard to Knowledge Management, based on the development of Communities of Practice (a total of 65 courses with over 5,600 participants).

2013 saw the design, development and launch of the new knowledge management portal of the E&P sector, known as #KMS. Following the excellent statistical results and in order to highlight the business impact of the Community of Practice activities, 19 “success stories” have been gathered from the activities of the communities themselves. This methodology, designed to demonstrate with concrete examples the advantages for the business, will continue to be used in future years and will constitute the main indicator of the results of Knowledge Management activities in the E&P Division.

Professional skills are also enhanced using structured people development processes.