In regard to secondary Prevention, in 2013 eni has launched the project "Prevent with eni" by implementing screenings to detect early outbreaks of serious oncological diseases. The project, started in October on an experimental basis on three locations in Italy (Genoa, Brindisi and Ravenna), in collaboration with the LILT, will gradually be extended throughout the country.

In the field of tertiary prevention, eni’s cooperation with AIMAC (Italian Association for cancer patients) continued in 2013 with the project "A solidarity network to implement the rules for the protection of people with cancer at work". The project was founded with the aim of promoting proper information on cancer through various aid modalities in support of those affected by the disease at a working-age, such as: an interactive brochure which provides information on laws and regulations, and a telephone helpline.

An agreement with the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (the national istitute of health) was signed with the objective of ensuring eni’s organizational units the technical support and the scientific validation of the methodological approach regarding high sensitivity health issues such as the management of infectious -epidemiological diseases and other events representing a health risk. As part of this collaboration, in 2013, the Istituto Superiore di Sanità supported eni’s operational realities, in particular in the drafting of the handbook on "Welfare-related management of contacts and tuberculosis", and in the drafting of a health fact sheet in relation to the increase of the outbreaks of Dengue in Asia and in the analysis and sharing of good practices for water treatment as an action to mitigate the risk of contamination in Angola.

Health of people working abroad

On the health front at international level, an updated project regarding the information systems in support of the worldwide medical assistance through the confluence of the GIPSI health data base in a new tool: ARAMIS. The information system aims to improve the clinical management of individual cases by ensuring timely availability and accessibility, in every operational reality, of medical documentation of each person assisted, at subsidiaries and Italian districts.

In 2013 in Angola, Congo, Nigeria, Libia, Kazakhstan (KPO), Mozambico, Ghana and Iraq, the telemedicine system was launched. This was based on the use of the "safebox" computing platform, that enables the provision of consultation services from another location and the formulation of a second opinion.

Furthermore, during the year, the areas of "personal fitness", traveller’s medicine and knowledge of operational contexts were developed and/or strengthened, and new country guides were created and published. Integration to the portal dedicated to work missions continued (SECTRA) by facilitating access to training/information materials and emergency contacts, to complement the activities of the traveller's medicine already in place.

Improvement activities of the web portal of the Community of Practice health (CoP health) continued even in regard to its accessibility to the public.