eni works with various entities at the national and international level to contribute to the creation of a shared culture of integrity.

The training is given through on-line courses (e-learning) and training sessions in workshops held by eni’s anti-corruption legal offices in Italy and abroad. The resources trained over the 2010-2012 three-year period numbered about 6,370, including 2,700 via workshops and 3,670 via e-learning.

In 2013, with a the new cycle of e-learning, around 9,200 people received training. There were 57 classroom based training events, 13 of which took place abroad, with a total of 2,180 participants, including employees and contractors.

plays an active role at the national and international level, which not only makes it comparable with the major players in the fight against corruption, but also enables it to contribute to the development of best practices

In December 2013 eni and Transparency International have signed a collaboration agreement for the joint development of an innovative method of “Country Assessment” with the purpose of highlighting, in a specific geographical context, the impact of corruption on business activities and the conditioning that results. The new methodology will be developed with the involvement of the private sector, the public sector and the civil society. The collaboration agreement also provides for the use of this innovative methodology for two “Country Assessments” in two important Countries for the energy sector. Other examples of important partnerships are: