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Integrity also provides the basis for the processes that guide the organization and development of people; these processes cover decision-making, performance appraisals, management of the bonus and incentive system, internal communication and training. With regard to performance appraisals, which represent an important driver for managerial behaviour, the targets of all managers, starting from those at the top, have been updated with the aim of monitoring the results of the business in terms of progress on integrity.

Responsible leadership>

Within the wider sphere of “Integrity Culture”, the “Responsible Leadership” training programme has played a primary role in disseminating the key aspects of this approach. The programme was aimed at consolidating and strengthening the following attributes in managers:

  • ability to adopt decision-making strategies that take into account the complexity of values at play and ensure ethical conduct;
  • ability to effectively propagate values of integrity and responsibility, leading by example and building a climate of trust.

eni’s regulatory system is currently being finalized.

The “Responsible Leadership” training programme has been developed by eni corporate university with the support of external specialists in the areas of management and ethics, through the following operating steps:

  • interviews with Top Management aimed at exploring their personal vision and opinion in relation to a series of ethics related business issues;
  • a kick-off meeting with the Top Managers and directors in roles with relevant responsibilities;
  • training workshops for all managers (starting with the “key” managerial roles) in which the abstract themes of ethics and compliance were placed in the eni context.

For this purpose, specific case studies were used, involving ethical dilemmas, prepared by an internal working group with tutors and experts based on their own working experiences.

To date, 10 courses have been delivered, involving 175 managers (out of 192) with relevant responsibilities.

The feedback gathered indicates a very high perception of the effectiveness of the initiative (average score 4.34 out of 5). It is planned to spread the culture of integrity to all levels of the company, using meetings, webinars and multimedia materials to increase awareness among eni’s people on the importance of integrity when managing operations.