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In the chemical sector, Versalis aims to operate in the most advanced chemicals and plastics sectors with an ongoing commitment to research and product, process and technological innovation.

The European chemicals industry operates in a highly complex environment, marked by a crisis in recent years due to the entry of new competitors, heavy relocation towards Asian Countries and volatility in the prices of feedstock and energy. Moreover the increased focus on the environment has accelerated the trend towards change. Indeed green chemistry represents a modern development of traditional activities that is expected to increase exponentially.

Technological innovation is fundamental to the relaunch of eni chemicals and the Porto Torres Green Hub project, fruit of the partnership with Novamont in Matrìca, will enable Versalis to establish itself in this new sector.

The project envisages the construction in Porto Torres of one of the largest industrial complexes in the world for the production of chemical products from renewable sources, with an investment of around 500 million euro.

Also in the chemical sector, plant conversion, particularly at critical industrial sites, enables production sites to be reused.

Versalis has continued its strategic repositioning thanks to agreements with important companies such as Genomatica, Yulex, Pirelli, and Elevance Renewable Sciences Inc.

The project is distinguished by the complete integration of the plant with the local area through the promotion of the agricultural supply chain and of the secondary sector at the local level. In the first half of 2014 the first 4 lines of the bio-monomer and derivative plants will come into operation for the production of biolubricants.

Furthermore, in 2013 Versalis signed an agreement with Neville Venture for the production of hydrocarbon resin at the Priolo plant. These new production lines, which have high added value and are particularly compatible with the elastomers business, will be used in specialist applications such as adhesives, inks, paints and rubber products. This partnership constitutes a significant step forward for the project to relaunch the Priolo site, confirming its central importance in Versalis’ strategic plan. The new technology will in fact enable the construction of plants to produce hydrocarbon resin, adding value to the feedstock from the cracker. The existence of a promising European market for these products, where Versalis has a strong and extensive presence, is a further factor in favour of the project, making it extremely important for the company.

Versalis has continued its strategic repositioning with green chemistry agreements with the following companies: