Sustainability reporting

eni for 2013, together with the Integrated Report and the website, is part of the sustainability reporting and communication system and aims to illustrate, by highlighting the important events of the year, eni’s contribution to the pursuit of global Sustainable Development Goals, also in relation to the Post-2015 Agenda.

Sustainability reporting (graphic)

The Integrated Report illustrates how sustainability constitutes one of the drivers for the pursuit of company’s objectives. eni for 2013 offers an overview of our contribution to the achievement of global sustainable development goals.

The issues dealt with in eni for 2013 were extracted from the debate on the core areas for the Post-2015 global strategy. An analysis was then conducted on the capacity of the private sector, and the Oil&Gas industry in particular, to contribute to sustainable development in these areas. A comparison was then carried out with eni’s strategic priorities, based on the sustainability plan.

The themes on which the company is able to offer the greatest contribution were thus identified as:

  • sustainable governance in terms of integrity, transparency, respect for human rights, the guarantee of decent work and people’s safety;
  • respect for and protection of natural resources and biodiversity;
  • access to and efficient use of energy resources taking into consideration climate change;
  • commitment to local development, in terms of our contribution to global and local goals relating to prosperity and equity;
  • investment in innovation to renew our own business, starting from cutting-edge technologies and tools and the creativity of our people.