International collaborations on sustainability issues

Principal areas of activity on international forums

Integrated reporting

A system to monitor financial and non-financial performances contributes to the proper management of operations and enables the definition of impact reduction strategies and strategies to maximize the contribution of the business for development. eni has been working to develop an integrated reporting system in order to communicate its capacity to create value in the long term. It has also the objective of measuring the effects of its activities on development in the areas where it operates.

Transparency and the fight against corruption

Transparency and the fight against corruption are key factors for business continuity and the socioeconomic development of a country. Within its organization, eni promotes a culture of integrity and it is committed to the construction of an approach shared by companies, governments and society that seeks to identify solutions for the best management of resources.

Human rights

The risk of human rights violations throughout the chain of operations constitutes an obstacle to the company’s ability to create value in the long term. eni considers respect for human rights a fundamental requirement and it is committed to aligning its business practices with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. The aim is to develop tools for the implementation of the principles adopted which are appropriate specifically for the oil & gas sector.

Environment and climate

Protection of biodiversity and ecosystems is essential for local populations and for global stability. eni is committed to reducing the potential negative impacts of its operations through the responsible use of natural resources and of ecosystem services. eni is implementing a strategy to combat climate change which involves a reduction of emissions, particularly from gas flaring, energy efficiency initiatives and the promotion of low carbon fuel sources starting from natural gas and renewables.

Sustainable energy

Long term development is possible only if there is widespread access to sustainable energy. eni, as an integrated energy company operating in countries with high rates of energy poverty, is committed to proposing and implementing programmes to produce and distribute electricity and gas thereby contributing to the development of local energy systems. To this end, eni collaborates with the academic world, civil society, international institutions and other companies to develop renewable energy and energy efficiency programmes.