In December 2013 a MoU was signed with the Department of Labour in Mozambique on activities to support the Pemba Technical Training Center, with the aim of improving the quality of training for young people in the Pemba area by renewing the infrastructure, supplying materials and supporting course delivery also through the provision of training for teachers.

With regard to primary education, in September 2013 an agreement was signed with Pemba town council to improve access to primary education in the Paquitequete (Pemba) district through the construction of a new primary school and the supply of educational materials. The project will directly benefit around 600 children and 30 teachers and will indirectly benefit approximately 13,000 people including children and their families. A second phase of the project is planned which will involve the district in promoting the education of all the children in the area, paying particular attention to gender issues and promoting socio-educational activities that benefit the community.

Most importantly, eni has developed a recruitment partnership with the Mondlane University in Maputo which, through the “Programma 200”, aims to select 200 talented Mozambican graduates and give them the opportunity to go abroad to take part in a multidisciplinary training programme or on-site professional training in the Oil&Gas sector.

In 2013 the total number of students selected and trained stood at 77 and a new recruitment campaign was launched.

Investments 2013 in education and training*
Investments 2013 in education and training (pie chart)

(*) In 2013 investments in education and training amounted to 5.4 milion euro.

Primary education project in Mozambique: some figures